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In Pokhara – with the Plague

Plague in Pokhara

Had things gone according to plan, Zac and I should have been heading up a glacier today, en route to Everest Base Camp. But… this is us. So instead I’m whining about my cold. For currently we are hacking up our lungs in Pokhara, looking up at the Annapurna range towering over Lake Fewa, already […]


On the Trail of the Phoenicians – Sidon

Crusader sea fort at Sidon, Lebanon.

One of many things that makes the Middle East worthwhile is the sense that you’re walking in history, amid names and places that are embedded deep in your cultural DNA. In the Sinai, we walked in the footsteps of Moses; we trailed Cleopatra down the Nile; assuming Israel lets us in, we’ll be seeing both […]


Next Time I’m Getting A Flu Shot

Plague doctor image from early manuscript.

Until, ooh, about six weeks ago, I was one of those irritating people who’d bang on and on about their marvelous immune system and how they NEVER get sick when travelling. You know the sort… Oysters in Thailand. Ceviche in Kenya. Mysterious stews in Guatemalan eateries with pigs foraging in the mud around the tables, […]