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F*ck It. I’m A Tourist.

bangkok dreamworld

Tourist or traveller? It’s a question as old as the first ever travel books. But I don’t like the word “traveller”. It smells of one-upmanship, of smugness. There’s that sense that, just by hitting the banana pancake trail instead of the all-inclusive resorts, the camp site instead of the villa, the traveller is somehow better […]


A Tough Question

lombok landscape

In Magic Lounge, the drinking den where we sprawl on orange sofas and use their satellite internet after a day on the beaches of Kuta, Lombok, A approaches me tentatively. He has something to tell me. Or maybe ask me. “Excuse me, ibu,” he says. “I have just had a baby!” “Oh! Congratulations,” I say. […]


Like Jane Austen But Not: The Single Gal's Guide to Travelling Asia

Z and me in Georgian silhouette, Penang, Malaysia,

1: Avoid Spaghetti Straps Shoulders are an erogenous zone in many cultures. Particularly shy ones. In South-East Asia, nothing, and I do mean nothing, says “hooker” more than spaghetti straps. OK. Maybe fishnets, Perspex platforms and a basque. And if you packed those, lady, make like the real fetishists and change before you leave the […]