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When Travelling Kids Hit Their Teens

Zac and friend looking quite grownup on a quadbike.

I’d heard that something happened to travelling kids when they hit their teens – that they became averse to longterm travel, unwilling to make new friends and desirous of (eek!) settling down. It happened to the Vogel family, who cycled from Alaska to Argentina. It appears to be happening now to my online friend Talon […]


Long Term Family Travel FAQs


There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of families out there around the world who are doing, or have done, long term travel – some for over a decade, others for a few months or a year before returning to “real” life. And they come in all shapes and sizes. This family are doing […]


2012: A Year in Random Numbers

Camel and sand in front of the bent pyramid at Dahshur.

Wonders of the World: 5 Mount Everest Petra The Pyramids The Dead Sea The Blue Mosque Our favourite pyramid? The Bent Pyramid at Dahshur, not the famous ones at Giza), because we had the site to ourselves and could climb inside like Indiana Jones. I’d still take the Aya Sofya over the Blue Mosque any […]


Watching Skyfall in KL

Petronas Twin Towers-2

There are many good things about urban Malaysia. Most notably, the museums, the malls, the cinemas and the food. And, as I pick up the boy from KLIA on a day so grey and rainy that I shiver in the air-conditioning and wonder whether I’ll need a coat against the imagined cold, I’m figuring we […]


My Son’s Brain Is Weird

My Son's Brain is Weird

Here in Aqaba, a coastal town in Jordan which is gunning for second city status but has all the verve and vigour of Bournemouth on a wet weekend, our attention has turned to the bane of our travel life, which is maths. It should, probably, be obvious that world travel, combined with books, the odd […]


April Fool’s Day in Cairo

April Fools Day

One of the things my son and I try to do, as we travel the world, is to celebrate occasions we would celebrate in the UK, whether our host culture celebrates them or not. Over the last couple of years we’ve enjoyed Easter in the Philippines, Halloween in China and Christmas in Australia, while the […]


Travel Planning 2012 — Or, Getting My Sh*t Together, Sort Of

Travel Planning Image

I had high hopes for our sojourn in Blighty. By approximately, umm, now, Z and I would have completed a whirlwind tour of the UK, caught up with scores of friends and relatives, and done all the tourist stuff you’re supposed to do in London that you never actually do when you’re actually living there. […]


9 Life Lessons Children Learn From Travel

9 Lessons Children Learn From Travel

After almost two years on the road, I have to say that if I’d known how much children learn from travel, I’d have started travelling sooner. Here’s nine key lessons travel teaches children. 1. To Keep an Open Mind Spending time in different cultures teaches you how very much is relative. From the small things […]


2011: A Year In Random Numbers


Wonders of the World: 4 Uluru The Great Wall of China The Forbidden City Sydney Opera House The known world is rather bigger than it was when the original seven wonders were first listed — but these four often make folk’s lists today. The stand-out? Definitely the Great Wall. Should-Be Wonders of the World: 4 […]


What Does A Travelling Single Mum Look Like?

Travelling Single Mum and Z

Travelling as a single parent, there generally aren’t that many photos of you. The pic above is one of few with me and Z together, and there’s hardly any of me alone (we’re in Borneo above). So I asked Z to take one outside the museum in Kupang, Timor, Indonesia, for a post in which […]