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2012: A Year in Random Numbers

Camel and sand in front of the bent pyramid at Dahshur.

Wonders of the World: 5 Mount Everest Petra The Pyramids The Dead Sea The Blue Mosque Our favourite pyramid? The Bent Pyramid at Dahshur, not the famous ones at Giza), because we had the site to ourselves and could climb inside like Indiana Jones. I’d still take the Aya Sofya over the Blue Mosque any […]


Travel Planning 2012 — Or, Getting My Sh*t Together, Sort Of

Travel Planning Image

I had high hopes for our sojourn in Blighty. By approximately, umm, now, Z and I would have completed a whirlwind tour of the UK, caught up with scores of friends and relatives, and done all the tourist stuff you’re supposed to do in London that you never actually do when you’re actually living there. […]


9 Life Lessons Children Learn From Travel

9 Lessons Children Learn From Travel

After almost two years on the road, I have to say that if I’d known how much children learn from travel, I’d have started travelling sooner. Here’s nine key lessons travel teaches children. 1. To Keep an Open Mind Spending time in different cultures teaches you how very much is relative. From the small things […]


Should I Vaccinate My Child For Travel?


The single most surprising question I get asked by readers of this blog is this: “should I vaccinate my child for travel?” I say “surprising” because, to be honest, the travel jab question was a no-brainer for me. As, I think, it is for most child-free adults contemplating travel to the developing world. Y’know. You’re […]


Back to School!

Class lesson on snakes: children handling a reticulated python.

Can You Take a Child out of School for a Year? I recently came across a parents group arguing against longterm family travel on the grounds that “many children will never catch up after a year out of school…” This seemed a bit bizarre to me. Firstly because the context was Emma Thompson’s plans to […]


The S Word

Valentine's Day

When the lovely Colin and Tracy asked me over appropriately, err, lubricating quantities of beer, to put together a piece on sex on the road, for Christine, I was a little tentative. I mean, how long does it take to say, “Nada, nish, zilcho, nothing since January last year, thank you… And, before you ask, […]


A Very Little House

view over rice fields, ubud, bali

This is the view from our very little house in the rice fields in Ubud, Bali. We’ve taken it for a month, to study Indonesian formally before we take our pidgin east to Papua, so Z can do some arts, and I can work a little. Herons and egrets come to the fields every morning, […]


10 Most Common RTW Planning Mistakes

brightly coloured curls of packing tape.

1: Booking a RTW Ticket If you’re following a fixed route through expensive cities and your time is very limited, RTW tickets can work out cost-effective. In general, most longterm or budget travellers are better off piecing together a route using cheap airlines, last minute deals, online specials and local travel agents. RTW (round-the-world) tickets […]


Our World School: An End of Year Report

elephant cuddle

For anyone planning longterm travel with kids, anyone who would like to travel and is delaying having kids to do so, or any parents who would love to travel but feel they can’t because of the kids, probably the single biggest concern is what sort of education a child will get on the road. This […]


My Love-Hate Relationship with Australia

pair of koalas at australia zoo

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT AUSTRALIA 1: The Landscapes After Namibia and Mongolia, Australia is the third least densely populated country in the world. And given almost everyone lives in cities and the nation has the money to build roads, it has the most easily accessible big, empty landscapes on this earth. The horizons are huge… […]