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How Safe is Egypt After the Revolution?

How Safe is Egypt After the Revolution

“How safe is Egypt now?” Still a topical question, so I’ve updated this post on 16 20 June 2012. Deletions are marked with a strikethrough and additions are underlined. How Safe Is Egypt? As we approach the end of our time in Egypt, I’m going to address the hoary question of “How safe is Egypt […]


Voices from Post-Revolutionary Egypt 7: The Working Mother


I sits with her daughter, her son and her daughter-in-law in the shade of a Nubian mudbrick dome, looking out over the expanse of Lake Nasser, created after Egypt dammed the upper reaches of the Nile. We are drinking the Egyptian hibiscus called karkade. I is in her late 40s, early 50s, and, after a […]


Voices from Post-Revolutionary Egypt 6: The Taxi Driver


We screech to a halt in heavy traffic – a car has accelerated across our path. A overtakes the other driver, blocks him in, and yells his feelings out of the window, before pulling back onto the highway at speed. Other drivers, used to this sort of thing, veer around us without hooting noticeably more […]


Voices from Post-Revolutionary Egypt 4: The Guide


S is 40, and worked as a dive master before he started guiding tourists: he was married in his 20s but it didn’t last. Compact and muscular, he wears shades, designer stubble, jeans and a T-shirt, topped, often, with a traditional Arab scarf. S taught himself English and the word “yani” punctuates his speech as […]


Voices from Post-Revolutionary Egypt 3: The Future Soldier


A is 24, with rosy skin and auburn hair, an almost Scottish colouring inherited from a Circassian Turkish ancestor. He graduated recently and is travelling around Egypt before he begins his compulsory military service. “I don’t want to do it,” A says. We’re sitting in the sun outside a chicken restaurant in a small town […]


Voices from Post-Revolutionary Egypt 2: The Bedouin Girl


S is 15, beautiful, dark-skinned and slender, with a hawkish desert nose and a full upper lip, dressed in a fuchsia and turquoise traditional dress, with beautifully coordinated headscarf. She lives with her parents, some older relatives and a few of her unmarried siblings in a palm-thatched home at an oasis in the Sinai desert, […]


Voices from Post-Revolutionary Egypt 1: The Coder


A sits by the fire in a Dahab restaurant. The youngest of five children, he’s 26, tall, cleanshaven, and plays PlayStation football with the devotion that an older generation of Egyptian men play backgammon. He speaks excellent English and is working on a range of other languages using a voice recognition app on his iPhone […]