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Coming Home?

Airbus A380

Like most things to do with travel insurance, extracting us from Hong Kong takes longer than you could possibly think. On Thursday, we’re going to fly on Friday. On Friday, we’re going to fly on Saturday. Then, we’re not, because the airline office requires fit to fly certification and their medical division, which need to […]


The Morning After

Clouds in the Himalayas.

“You realise – or you would do if you hadn’t stayed out till 4am getting sozzed,” says Zac over breakfast. “That if we don’t get out of Lukla today or tomorrow, we’ll be spending the End of the World in Lukla.” Oh Jesus, I think. He’s right. Of all the places to spend the Mayan […]


Flying into Lukla: Feel the Fear

Flying into Lukla - Twin Otter wing over Himalayas.

I’m not normally a nervous flier. But when it comes to flying into Lukla from Kathmandu, nerves are really the only appropriate response. I’d barely slept the night before, waking on the hour every hour with wild anxieties about missing our flight, I suspect a displacement for subliminal anxieties about a) said plane falling out […]


Confession: I’m a Rubbish Traveller

Z with sore hand

Meeting up with a couple of travelers t’other day, it dawned on me that, actually, I’m quite a rubbish traveller. Not, so much, when it comes to adventure travel: I take a warped pleasure in finding the only boat to a remote island and a bunch of crazy stuff to do there. Blessed with an […]


Rules and Regulations


David is building an airfield. He has five planes waiting to go, two in Thailand, two en route, one awaiting release in Sihanoukville. So he spends most days in the guesthouse restaurant, one hand on his mobile, the other on his laptop, waiting for the results of his bakhsheesh to kick in. “I’ve put plenty […]


It's not the Destination, it's the Journey: on Trucks and Stuff…


Z, being male and nine years old, actively enjoys the experience of moving from place to place. He did when he was little. But people change. And children change fastest of all. The beam on realising that Qantas had provided a 747 (Brit-speak) or Socceroo (and, yes, it appears they do actually call it that […]