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Zac’s Last Travel Birthday

Zac and Tyler setting off fireworks on the roof of our house.

Zac was nine when we started travelling. He spent his tenth birthday in Brisbane, ice-skating with me and his dad. I didn’t take pictures of that. He spent his eleventh birthday in Beijing, a split celebration: half at the Happy Valley theme park, half an underwhelming and icy sojourn at the water park in The […]


Decision Time

Pavement stop sign by Steve Snodgrass on Flickr's Creative Commons.

Only months after Mongolia, the death drop is Zac’s second near-death experience within a year. I am crystal-clear when I wake up in the morning – yes, even before coffee! – that Ethiopia and Sudan are now firmly off the cards. We have used up our luck for the year, and there’s none left for […]


Death Drop in the Blue Hole

The Blue

With hindsight, it was not the best idea to take my 12-year-old son into Dahab’s Blue Hole, a dive site which claims the lives of adults regularly – albeit usually adults diving way beyond recreational diving limits without the required equipment or skills. Yet, as The Whore, Zac and I set out with X on […]


When Travelling Kids Hit Their Teens

Zac and friend looking quite grownup on a quadbike.

I’d heard that something happened to travelling kids when they hit their teens – that they became averse to longterm travel, unwilling to make new friends and desirous of (eek!) settling down. It happened to the Vogel family, who cycled from Alaska to Argentina. It appears to be happening now to my online friend Talon […]


Why Diving Dahab Rocks

Diving Dahab - looking up at the entrance to the Canyon.

Diving Dahab the visibility is always stellar, the colours crystal clear. Looking up through the Canyon, the sun beams a bright, bright blue – at night, you can watch a full moon rise over the Red Sea through 30 metres of luminescent water. Canyon is starkly beautiful – architecturally so. But at Islands, ever-changing currents […]


Science, World Schooling and, Ya Know, Stuff

Heart Stuff

After a long weekend in a castle – my “little” cousin, who, in my head, is still a rather sulky teen, but in reality is a fully grown and charming adult with an insanely lucrative job, has hired it for the weekend to treat the family – the boy and I head back to the […]


Sun, Sea, Sand, Scuba – Sinai! In Association with HolidayGems

Ein Khodra Oasis, Sinai Desert.

South Sinai is like nowhere else in Egypt: a stark landscape of desert and mountains, lapped by the clear blue waters of the Red Sea. The Sinai is the place where Moses supposedly received the Ten Commandments, home of the Bedouin since time immemorial – and a world away from the chaos of Cairo and […]


Top 10 Things to Do in Egypt for Kids

Sign reading - 'Don't climb the pyramids.'

Egypt doesn’t necessarily spring to mind as a place to visit with children, which is weird given how scarily obsessed some kids can become with Ancient Egypt. Yet whether you’re staying in a Red Sea resort like Sharm, with the full range of international watersports, grabbing culture in Cairo and Luxor, or getting off the […]


Six of the Best Dive Sites in Dahab

Best dive sites in Dahab: Bannerfish picture by Sus van der Walle.

Egypt’s Red Sea, with excellent visibility, year-round warmth and mature, largely unbleached reefs, has by far the best diving available on a short-haul flight from the UK. Sharm and Dahab, thanks to the general absence of current, that outstanding visibility and marine life that, while not up to the standards of the Golden Triangle, still […]


Ten Things for Kids to Do in Dahab and the Sinai

Sinai Lead Image

We’ve spent many happy weeks in Dahab. And the Sinai is a seriously under-rated destination for family travel. Sharm is more famous as a family-friendly destination, but there are plenty of things for kids to do in Dahab, particularly during late October and November, when the sun is not so scorching but the sea is […]