Win A Trip To Finland

In the last three months, we’ve ridden horses in the snow, camped in the snow, built snowmen in the moonlight and hiked the Great Wall of China in temperatures so low our water bottle froze.

And now we’re back in an atypically balmy Blighty and — insanely? — jonesing for snow. And skiing, in particular.

Z learnt to ski in Yllas, Finland, and when I think of snow, for some reason, I tend to think of Finnish Lapland — the home of Santa Claus, of reindeer, husky sleds, snowmobiles and more.

Highlights of that trip? Scampering from the sauna into the snow to make snow angels. Racing a snowmobile across a frozen lake. Visiting Santa Claus’ village with a child still young enough to believe. Watching grazing reindeer, and taking a ride in a reindeer sleigh.

Low point? Probably when I crashed our husky sled, lost the reins and sent my child freefalling into the trees while the dogs raced off without us.

Looking for travel inspiration? Check the 30-second video below.

Inspired to visit Finland? You can win a trip for two just by saying who you’d like to take, and why: click here. Competition closes 31st March 2012.

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