The Friday Photo: Black Dragon Pool

This is Black Dragon Pool, one of the most tranquil places in beautiful Lijiang, China.

Bridge and little pagoda on Black Dragon Pool, Lijiang, China

It was built as a pleasure garden for the feudal ruler’s wives and on clear days you can see all the way across to the unconquered 6000m peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Pagoda in Black Dragon Pool, Lijiang.

The dragon of the name is the god of the waters. And even today grandparents bring their grandchildren to draw water, burn incense and leave prayer tokens at the springs where the god reveals his presence. The water, I’m told, makes fantastic tea.

Our thanks to China Odyssey Tours for hosting us in Lijiang.

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  1. Amy says:

    I am completely jealous with these photos. And the talk about Mandarin. Can you please stop it now? I am totally jealous.