Where We’ve Been

Map of countries EscapeArtistes have visited.

Map of countries EscapeArtistes have visited.

It’s a big old world out there. And so far, we’ve barely covered a fraction of it.

The great ocean of black on the map above is places neither of us have visited yet. Grey indicates places one or both of us have visited in life before blogging: Zac had visited fifteen countries before he turned nine, and schlepping around the globe is no new thing for me either.

The coloured countries are one that we’ve visited and I’ve written about here. To read more about what we did where, and the odd gem of practical advice too, click the links below…

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  1. Aroup Chatterjee says:

    Hmm! Enviable lifestyle! Wish I was there,and there and there…
    By the way may I recommend the greatest festival on earth – in India, but it’s not Holi or Kumbh Mela etc. It’s DURGA PUJA which mainly happens in Calcutta (Kolkata) every autumn:this year from 10 to 14 October.I don’t know why DP isn’t better known outside India,may be because Kolkata has an image problem (undeserved). See you there!

    • Theodora says:

      Thank you, Aroup. I wasn’t familiar with that at all. I’m actually not very good on Hinduism in general, or India, so it’s good to know that.

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