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The Art of Flying Solo

Art of Flying Solo

Zac is rising 12. That’s the magic age at which many airlines let children fly not as an unaccompanied minor, with a bevy of hosties pandering to their every whim, but actually solo. It’s also the age at which a London child would be taking public transport unaccompanied. Because we’re nomadic, Zac has on many […]


Is This The World’s Most Antisocial Flight?

Sinai Sunset

I was going to start this post by badmouthing my babyfather, always a classy move online, for putting Z on the world’s most antisocial flight, EVAH. The time change between London and Egypt is two hours. The flight time is approximately five hours. Z is firmly nocturnal, and likes nothing better than to spend his […]


The Eagle Has Flown

ATVing in the Ijen

Bustling around the room in his new black T-shirt and jeans, gathering clothes, piling belongings on his bed, Z looks — well, I can only say grown-up. His shoulders have broadened, lately. He’s grown about an inch over the last couple of days. And as he packs for his trip to Oz to see his […]


Two Dinners and Four Goodbyes

Warung Brilliant

“You need a ticket to come in,” says the briby man at Denpasar airport. “I don’t have a ticket,” I say. “My son is flying. He has a ticket.” I wave the unaccompanied minor form. “You need a ticket,” he says. “Or a pass.” I switch to Indonesian, which always seems to work wonders on […]