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Crashed van on Durbar Marg, Kathmandu.

This post is, umm, “not suitable for work”. Here’s a nice one, about Istanbul’s Animal and Flower Market, while this one from our Lebanon roadtrip features an absolutely classic lady driver moment and this has some lovely pictures of poor old Kathmandu. There isn’t a bar at the Gurkhas’ hotel. Well, there is a bar, […]


In Glorious, Technicolor Drunkovision

Blurry sideways shot of moi in my kneeboots.

The ringing of my phone jerks me into wakefulness in a room that is streaming with light. A cursory scan of what passes for my consciousness reveals that I am still EXTREMELY drunk, ergo do not yet have a headache, but have done something absolutely bloody terrible that will emerge from the fog in unsightly […]


The One Where I Try to Outdrink the Special Forces

Flaming shot by Machadox.

As the title might suggest, this post is really not for readers of a sensitive disposition. Why not try some lovely pictures of beautiful central Laos, the droll tale of how I got my Indonesian driving license, or, of course, the one where I try to navigate Ancient Egypt using only Tripadvisor? Mr Darcy, it […]


Mountain Madness

PInk flying pig with Love Me written underneath it.

Readers of a sensitive disposition might want to skip this post. How about reading the first post I ever wrote instead, or this lovely one about a tribal wedding in the jungles of Halmahera, Indonesia? As I wander Lukla’s limited range of shops, purchasing menopausal fantasy items such as the balloons that Tenzing has been […]


Stuck in Lukla

The runway at Lukla airport, dropping off the edge of the valley.

As we amble from Phakding to Lukla – a walk that took us three hours coming down but half that going up, a measure of our increased fitness – we pass and, more often, are passed by folk we’ve met in the mountains. They, like us, are headed to Lukla to reconfirm their places on […]


On Thin Ice – Talking Child Marriage in Nepal

Ice and water in the glacier lakes at Gokyo, Nepal.

On Thin Ice Everest Base Camp the Lazy Way: Day 18 “Nir,” I open, tentatively. We are on the last-but-one night of our trek, insha’allah, sitting in the cold of the village of Phakding, where we stopped on our first day, so, if I’m going to ask Nir any personal questions, I’m going to ask […]


On Namche and Ageing

Ageing and Namche

On Namche and Ageing Everest Base Camp the Lazy Way Day 17: Tengboche to Namche We moved our flights out of Lukla forward to accommodate extra rest and acclimatisation days. Now, for some bizarre reason about which Nir is vague, we are unable to move them back one day, so are stuck with the leisurely […]


Mountain Goggles

Mountain Goggles

Everest Base Camp the Lazy Way Day 15-16 – Gorak Shep to Pheriche When I awake, it feels that winter has really hit. Fat, soft snowflakes are drifting down, the earth a morass of white and grey, the sky like dirty cottonwool. As we descend through snow towards Pheriche, the yaks come with us, great […]


April Fool’s Day in Cairo

April Fools Day

One of the things my son and I try to do, as we travel the world, is to celebrate occasions we would celebrate in the UK, whether our host culture celebrates them or not. Over the last couple of years we’ve enjoyed Easter in the Philippines, Halloween in China and Christmas in Australia, while the […]


Family Values

H and Z on bikes in Laos

As a trio, H, Z and I cause no little confusion to the good and tolerant folk of Laos, where we’re exploring en route to China. “Two loom?” folk at the guesthouses ask, eyeing the flabby white lady, the skinny white child and the tall, built, black chap, and trying to work out the dynastic […]