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A 12-Step Guide To Driving in Lebanon


Driving in Lebanon can be, well, challenging for folk who are used to driving in places with road rules. The Lebanese drive with a verve, panache and flexibility that is often just plain terrifying, especially when driving in Beirut. On the plus side, car hire is cheap (Advanced Car Rental offers new, fully insured little […]


The Barmy Army Explain the Rules of Cricket

barmy army flag of St. George, labelled Expat Andy, Convict Colony

Today in Adelaide saw the fifth and final day of the second English-Australian Test cricket match, to the outsider one of the most bewildering sporting events on the planet, after cheese-rolling, bog-snorkelling, synchronised skating and that thing that Afghans do with dead goats on horseback. I went down to the English end of the ground […]


Heaven and Hell on Wheels…

bus top luang namtha

Bali. One of the most consistently beautiful places on the planet. With (outside the timelessly international package hell of Kuta) a culture that is beyond unique. Landscapes of misty mountains, stepped rice terraces, river gorges fringed with palms and broad banana leaves, stone-carved temples everywhere you look, and pavements littered with offerings lovingly hand-crafted from […]


13 Things You’ll Learn Travelling Indonesia

Ferry at sunrise in Ampana Port, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

1: There is a Nadir for In-Vehicle Entertainment Audio-visual torture of various kinds is an intrinsic part of the South-East Asian travel experience. From bootleg DVDs with subtitles straight out of Finnegans Wake, to Chinese KTV videos pumped up to max, from pixellated Hong Kong ultraviolence drowned out with Khmer pop to Chuckyesque infant balladeers […]