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In Which We Take a Holiday from Our Holiday

A Holiday from our Holiday-2

“Hey. Let me take that for you,” a voice comes from behind me. We live our lives, Zac and I, out of a backpack each – with a camera bag and tote bag for daytimes/flights/bus journeys – and, FUNNILY ENOUGH, my pack always ends up being the one with all the really heavy stuff in. […]


Exploring Tyre Old Town

Shutters and windows of Tyre Old Town, Lebanon.

Given the chap with the moustache has offered intensive, and, further, only discreetly amused assistance in my parking fiasco, I feel we should eat in his restaurant. But first we need to find somewhere to stay. The guidebook recommends Al Fanar, up by the lighthouse, so I figure we’ll wander up that way. “Do you […]


Friday Photo Essay: Flowers in Ancient Byblos

Ruins of neolithic villages in Byblos, Jbail, Lebanon.

I fell a little bit in love with Byblos Old Town. But the ruins of the ancient city — some of them dating back six or seven thousand years — are stunning. Especially when the flowers are out. Five thousand years ago, Byblos was already a trading hub, exporting the cedars of Lebanon that built […]


The Cutest City You’ve Never Heard Of…


Plovdiv Old Town is the single prettiest place we’ve visited since beautiful Lijiang in China. The city’s history is written in its walls. Successive generations of conquerors — Macedonian, Roman, Bulgar and Ottoman — have left their mark here, cannibalising each other’s buildings to build and defend anew. One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities […]