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Laundry hanging out to dry in front of buffalo skulls, Toraja, Indonesia.

Toraja: Just Plain Mental

In January, we went back to Toraja, the highland area of Sulawesi that’s famous for its gory funerals, not to mention burying babies in trees....

Christmas tree at the Bellagio, Las Vegas, by Scott Ellis.

Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas?

Procrastinating on Twitter the other day, I saw a thread about the “most irritating questions atheists are asked”, courtesy, of course, of Richard Dawkins, whose...

Bodhnath Stupa

The Biggest Stupa in Asia?

“Look!” I say, coaxingly. “It’ll be interesting! It’s the biggest stupa in Asia! We have to see that, right?” “Oh, alright!” says my spawn. (Neither...