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The Friday Photo: Red Sea of Tranquillity

Red Sea of Tranquillity

If there’s one thing that’s typical of a Dahab evening, it’s this. Sitting on cushions, looking out over the Red Sea… At least one cat under the low table… A cold beer on it… And the mountains of Saudi glowing pink with heat across a millpond sea. I finally took the step of upgrading from […]


Diving Dahab: The Blue Hole and The Canyon


Besides the kittens, the rooftop bars, the seafood and the fireside lounging, Dahab is about two things: the Red Sea and the Sinai desert. And in the Red Sea, the single most famous spot is, of course, the Blue Hole Dahab, a submarine sinkhole surrounded by a 900m wall of coral that drops away deep […]


The Friday Photo: On the Roof in Dahab, Egypt


It’s been ten years since we last visited Dahab. And, though it was firmly on the banana pancake trail back then, the miasma of hippie clothes shops and dance bars that have sprouted since had me in a fit of the vapours when we arrived last night. Today? We’ve found a nice place to stay. […]