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Incest, Murder, Porn & Tomb-Robbing: Lives of the Pharaohs


A Country Wedding


Marriage Among the Togutil People of Halmahera In the dirt yard, by the communal sleeping platform her family have built outside their wooden house, Biasri, eighteen years old and five months gone, stands pounding rice in a ripped and muddy T-shirt draped over a little red skirt, her hair pulled back. She’s preparing cakes for […]


One Man and His Dog: Death of a Serial Killer

foaming waterfall illuminated in bright light, borneo

It happened during the second gold rush they had, here in Eastern Halmahera, in Indonesia’s Wild East, back in the 90s. When parties of twenty or thirty men from the villages on the coast, with their brushed-sand streets and corrugated iron mosques, would head upriver, panning for gold, like the San Francisco 49ers. These guys? […]