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The Village Where Time Just Stopped

View of golden broom, wildflowers and mountains in the Chouf, Lebanon.

Up in the Chouf, the mountains that are home to Lebanon’s biggest nature reserve, a whirl of cedars, cypresses, golden broom and wildflowers, we make our way by a route most charitably described as circuitous to the village of Maaser al Chouf. Our guesthouse is beautiful, a nineteenth-century stone house with cool, expansive, barrel-vaulted rooms […]


S-21: Genocide for Beginners

View from cell at S-21, Phnom Penh.

“Kneel down, mum,” Z says. “Close your eyes.” He fumbles with my hair. We are in the courtyard of Tuol Sleng prison, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, AKA S-21, where teenage true believers tortured and killed over 16,000 people, from babies to geriatrics. On a concrete bench under a papaya tree a crimson-clad monk sits contemplating, Nokia […]