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The Sunday Six: Pleasures of Air Travel in the Developing World

view over borneo

It’s easy to whinge about air travel in the developing world, heaven knows. But here are six unexpected pleasures that sometimes go with the territory. Dazzling Flights On small planes going out of small airfields in the developing world, you generally fly low and slow over undeveloped terrain. As rivers unfold below you, and mountains […]


Should I Vaccinate My Child For Travel?


The single most surprising question I get asked by readers of this blog is this: “should I vaccinate my child for travel?” I say “surprising” because, to be honest, the travel jab question was a no-brainer for me. As, I think, it is for most child-free adults contemplating travel to the developing world. Y’know. You’re […]


A Tough Question

lombok landscape

In Magic Lounge, the drinking den where we sprawl on orange sofas and use their satellite internet after a day on the beaches of Kuta, Lombok, A approaches me tentatively. He has something to tell me. Or maybe ask me. “Excuse me, ibu,” he says. “I have just had a baby!” “Oh! Congratulations,” I say. […]