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The Cheapest Place to Stay in Italy? (And Some Other Ways to Do Venice on a Budget)


When it comes to Venice, if you don’t have a spare kidney to sell or, at least a spare infant to people-traffic, you’re unlikely to be staying in Venice proper, especially not during the August high season. So, given our agenda for Venice included a trip to Harry’s Bar, regional wines, gallons of Spritz and […]


How (Not) To Go Skiing On A Budget

Burning Money

Someone once compared sailing to standing fully clothed under a cold shower burning ten pound notes. Which would, I guess, make skiing standing in a blizzard in fifteen layers of clothing burning euros. But you can go skiing on a budget! Here’s what we, umm, didn’t do… 1: Choose A Cheap Resort We got off […]


Travel Hacking: What To Book (And Not To Book) Online

view from airplane window of borneo

Four Things To Book Online 1: Cheap Air Fares Many discount airlines are not listed on comparison sites. Go direct to the airline for the cheapest airfares. In and around Australasia, check sites such as AirAsia, China Eastern, Virgin Blue, Tiger Airways, Cebu Pacific and Jetstar. For Europe and North Africa, start with EasyJet, Ryanair, […]


Travel Tips: Avoiding Transport “Scams”

taxi reading "this is metered taxi. haggling is prohibited."

It’s probably the commonest travel complaint on the planet from folk travelling the developing world. Transport “scams”. Overcharging… And it does relations between locals and visitors no good at all. Here’s how to make your life easier when travelling. 1: Agree a Price Before You Start the Journey. Would you take a minicab or unmetered […]


Tuesday Travel Tips: How to Hand Wash Clothes

Framed picture on wall of girl in white glass holding martini glass at crotch level.

1: Beware of washing powder in developing countries. How do women who wash by hand in dirty water get their kids’ school shirts such a blinding white? They use a powder with lots and lots and lots of bleach. Avoid for anything not pure white. (In fact, avoid white clothes in general.) 2: Plan ahead. […]


Round Halong Bay by Junk

Junk moored on beach of Monkey Island, near Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay, North Vietnam, is one of the most dramatic seascapes the planet has to offer. Five hundred million years in the making, twenty million in the shaping, and still evolving before your eyes, it’s a rare chance to see geology in action. Pillars of limestone, once the supports of vast underground caves, spike surreally […]