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10 Reasons Turkey Rocks – in Association with Cosmos

Turkey - Bluework

On the boundary between Europe and Asia, on the cusp between the Middle East and the West, Turkey is a stellar place to spend a holiday – not least for the weather. Here’s ten reasons, brought to you with the support of bargain holiday specialists Cosmos, why you should visit Turkey now. SUNRISE BALLOON RIDES […]


10 Reasons to Visit Thailand – from Trailfinders

Thai beach with blue seas, sand and palm trees via John Lembo.

Looking for somewhere to escape the English winter? Trailfinders specialise in bespoke packages that allow you to discover your own private Thailand. Whether that’s an off-the-beaten track adventure in the Golden Triangle or discovering iconic Bangkok, Trailfinders recommend ten reasons to visit Thailand. BEACHES The Beach was filmed in Thailand – and small wonder. The […]


The Dead Sea – Not Just a BSD

Sunrise over the Dead Sea.

“Why do we need to go to the Dead Sea, anyway?” quoth my spawn. “We swam in a salt lake in Siwa, and we were buoyant there, so what’s the difference with the Dead Sea?” “Well,” I say, feebly. “It’s the Dead Sea! We’re in the area! We should go.” “I suppose,” he says, grudgingly. […]


Alexandria: The Most Civilised City in Egypt

Alexandria- Harbour

“I don’t think we should move on tomorrow,” Z says. “Let’s stay in Alex a bit longer.” “Why?” I say. “What’s there to do here?” My expectations of “things to do”, like those of many visitors to Egypt, are by now rather high. I’ve been getting quite sniffy around anything less than 3000 years old […]


The Friday Photo: Ready For Some Beach


The beaches in Kuta, Lombok, where we learned to surf, are some of the prettiest I’ve seen in Indonesia — even including the wonders of Pulau Derawan and Morotai. But the Middle East, where we’re headed next, has some amazing beaches, too. And, right now, I need me some of that.


A Beach. England. January. Are We Mad?

Salt Marshes

There is something extremely English about a trip to the beach in winter. Our beaches, like our weather, our teeth and vast swathes of our national cuisine, are an international laughing stock. Which is not, entirely, fair. This January morning, we walked from Holkham Beach on the Norfolk coast to Wells, a couple of miles […]


We Learn to Surf…


We have come to Kuta, in the south of Lombok, to learn to surf. And the beach, Selong Belanak, 20km or so west of Kuta, is beautiful. A vast sweep of bay with white and gold sands, curling surf breaks out at sea, green headlands, pyramid islands and fishing boats rocking on the waves. Learning […]


Learning to Love Our Motorbike

pantai putih, the white sand beach near bug-bug in bali, looking, frankly, greyish.

It didn’t take sharing a road with the Bali Merzy Motorcycle Club, arguably the best-behaved bikers on the planet, to teach me that there’s nothing rock ‘n’ roll about biking in these parts. Even if you’ve got a bona fide Hog. Which – like, doh! — we haven’t. Our mean machine? One of those little […]


Starfish and Shells


Easter Monday, and Marinduque is back into election mode. Banner-fluttering jeepneys pump out the Pilipino answer to Things Can Only Get Better in clouds as toxic as their diesel fumes. Mewls of karaoke waft down the pebble beach. Local party honchos gather over coffee, cigarettes and sweet ham sandwiches in the guesthouse convention room. And […]