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20 Words to Get You (Almost) Anywhere in Indonesia

Indonesia Lead Image

I once ordered “fried p*ss” instead of “fried potatoes” in a restaurant. And, on presenting a landlady with her key, I announced, “I’m so sorry! Here’s your cat!”. So I’ve had my adventures in learning Indonesian. And, my Bahasa still isn’t pretty. All the same, if you’re thinking of getting off the beaten track in […]


Expedition Outfitting in Pidgin Indonesian*

ride on toys in mall, ternate, indonesia

The scene? In and around various shopping establishments in Kota Ternate, the de facto capital of Indonesia’s Spice Islands, and home to more English language students per head of population than anywhere in the world. An increasingly harassed single mother is wrangling a small boy in khaki with a motorbike helmet over one arm and […]