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It's Panda Time!

Chengdu Baby Pandas 2

Chengdu is proud of its pandas. Extremely proud. Abstract pandas stand tall in the main square, opposite a gargantuan Chairman Mao and a stone’s throw from Gucci and Louis Vuitton. No self-respecting corner shop would be complete without panda-branded cigarettes, while the toy stalls churn out goodies from kitschy toddler-sized panda capes through to even […]


Souls Growing Skywards with the Trees

Trees silhouetted against twilit sky. Baby graves, Pana, Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, indonesia.

At Pana, the cave graves were easy to find, half of them broken open, looming out of a granite slab in the oncoming dusk and framed by dark bamboo. The baby graves? Well, as the beautiful kids who gave us directions and made us sign the guestbook said, they were in a “big tree”. “These […]


Video: Dancing Clownfish


This little guy was defending his nest and his baby just left of the dock in Pulau Derawan: he’s straight out of Finding Nemo. He’s not as elegant as the manta rays and the turtles. But the kids thought he was hilarious…. Similar Posts Turtle Island, Indonesia Making Incense, Vietnam Full Fathom Five


Turtle Island, Indonesia

Sea turtle grazing amid coral. Pulau Derawan, Indonesia.

Pulau Derawan, a tiny palm and sand island off the coast of Indonesian Borneo, is famous for sea turtles. Now, in general, when it comes to sea turtles, it’s wise to keep your expectations low. Maybe, just maybe, there’ll be a glimpse of a reptile or two sculling in the blue yonder, when you’re diving. […]


Women of the Woods

Orangutan mother cradling her one year old child: Semanggoh Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia

The Malay name orang utan means “man of the forest”, and, after a visit to the Semanggoh Orang Utan Centre, it’s easy to see why. 30-ish kilometres outside Kuching, Sarawak, Semanggoh is, technically, am Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center. Not some kind of, erm, “rest facility” for the Lindsay Lohans of the primate world. But a […]