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A Titanic Light Show


Like most people, particularly in its centennial year, I’m developing a little bit of an obsession with the Titanic. The ultimate luxury cruise liner, complete with gym, library, smoking room and promenade, its first class cabins were the equivalent of a private jet today. And yet this month sees the 100th anniversary of the day […]


The Cutest City You’ve Never Heard Of…


Plovdiv Old Town is the single prettiest place we’ve visited since beautiful Lijiang in China. The city’s history is written in its walls. Successive generations of conquerors — Macedonian, Roman, Bulgar and Ottoman — have left their mark here, cannibalising each other’s buildings to build and defend anew. One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities […]


The Friday Photo: Temple of Heaven

Roof tile

Of all the great architecture in Beijing, the capital of Chinese emperors from Kublai Khan onwards, the Temple of Heaven is probably the most accessible. Set in a pretty park a mile or so south of Tian’anmen, it’s where the emperors went to make their ritual harvest sacrifices, guaranteeing the prosperity of the nation. And, […]