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#BoycottBali? Nuh-Uh

Green rice fields in Bali.

The impending execution of two of the “Bali Nine”, Australians shopped to Indonesian authorities by Australian police for trying to smuggle heroin into Australia, has the Twitterz positively rabid for the hashtags #BoycottBali and #BaliBoycott. This is doing little for Australian-Indonesian relations, both at the macro and the micro levels. Bali – specifically, a narrow […]


Why I’ll Never Be a Professional Travel Blogger

MacBook Colors

There have been a flood of posts lately explaining why being a travel blogger is really, really hard. It isn’t, obviously. It’s not subsistence farming in a drought. It’s not child protection or first response. It’s not labouring in the sewers, in a sweatshop, or on zero-hours contracts at the minimum wage. Nor is it […]


Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas?

Christmas tree at the Bellagio, Las Vegas, by Scott Ellis.

Procrastinating on Twitter the other day, I saw a thread about the “most irritating questions atheists are asked”, courtesy, of course, of Richard Dawkins, whose writing solidified my son’s absence of belief into actual, active atheism. Now, according to my spawn, who is a bona fide, card-carrying atheist, I’m not actually an atheist, but an […]


The Blog Posts I Didn’t Write in 2014

Bajo fisherman off Maratua, Derawan, Kalimantan.

Ah, 2014! A corker of a year. We’ve settled down in Bali, got ourselves more or less sorted out, done lots of interesting travel, entertained guests, made friends and – OMFG – I hit 40. And, for a range of reasons, mainly time/money/internet-related, I’ve written close to fuckall about events to date. So, to enable […]


Glamping in Montana

Ranch at Rock Creek - riding in Montana.

If your idea of glamping is a pink, floral tent at a festival, think again. From the safari parks of Kenya, where tents come complete with airy four posters and elaborate outdoor bathrooms, to stunning desert camps in Morocco, some glamping sites make the average hotel look …. well, frankly rather tame. So, when I […]


10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Mobile Phones

Primary school children in Liu Lin, Hubei, China, playing with a mobile phone.

Could YOU do without a mobile phone while travelling? Given 57% of women in America would (allegedly) rather use their smartphone than have sex, and Hong Kongers seem unable to do without at least two mobile phone contracts per person, it seems unlikely. I’ve teamed up with the folk at, who provide prepaid SIM […]


Some Notes on Non-Communication – Not Dead Yet

Graphic of I'm Not Working by Quinn Dombrowski.

Blogging is a curious beast. And, picking up a blog when you haven’t posted in a while is a bit like picking up the phone to a friend when you haven’t spoken in a while. Which is to say, the longer you leave it, the harder it gets. I wouldn’t say I’m off blogging, exactly. […]


Signs of the Times: Chinglish Edition

Chinglish Signs-4

The Communist Party of China, in its infinite wisdom, is about to remove one of the most reliable sources of visitor entertainment, the Chinglish sign. So I thought I’d celebrate with the best Chinglish signs I’ve seen over our time in China. The one above? That’s actually for a toilet restaurant in Shanghai. Yes, a […]


A Few Things You Might Want to Know about Being a Freelance Writer

Old-fashioned typewriter on grass.

Ah! Freelance writing. It’s a glamorous, wonderful career, right? As a freelance writer you can get paid to travel, eat, drink or go to spas (BUY MY EBOOK HERE!). You can work all the hours you want and no more. And industry standard rates are a dollar a word. Right? Uh, wrong. For most of […]


So How Can I Earn Enough Money to Travel the World?

How do I earn enough money to travel the world? Dahab sunset.

Along with “What do you do about school?” probably the second most common question I get asked about our lives is “How do you earn enough money to travel?” I hate the term “location independent”, but that’s one way of describing what we are, because I can work and earn from most places in the […]