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21 Things to Know Before Moving to Bali

Kite flying over Seminyak Beach, Bali

Moving to Bali is easy enough. Making expat life work is harder. Here’s a few things you really should know before you move to Bali. 1: “How Much Does It Cost to Live in Bali?” Well, That Depends. The million dollar question for anyone moving to Bali is: “How much does it cost to live […]


Samabe: Really a Rather Splendid Hotel

The pool at Samabe.

En route to the second part of our jolly in South Bali, I am overcome with butler angst. The second hotel we are invited to – Samabe – is not only all-suite, but all-butler, an affectation that’s becoming increasingly popular in high-end hotels around the world, presumably as a personalised version of room service. Our […]


In Which We Visit an All-Inclusive

Beachfront at Grand Mirage Resort Bali.

Barely two weeks into our period of settling down, and I’m thoroughly in need of a holiday. So we decide to take up an offer of a jolly to not one but two all-inclusive five stars down in South Bali. Neither of us have ever stayed at an all-inclusive resort before. But… hey! It’s gratis. […]


Home Sweet Home? Ubud

Women processing to a ceremony in Ubud, Bali

New Year’s Day seems an appropriate time to head to Bali and start a new life – and, let’s face it, getting on a plane somewhere and not getting off it for another few weeks is an easier resolution to stick to than, say, giving up smoking. The plan is to head to Ubud, which […]


Zac’s Last Travel Birthday

Zac and Tyler setting off fireworks on the roof of our house.

Zac was nine when we started travelling. He spent his tenth birthday in Brisbane, ice-skating with me and his dad. I didn’t take pictures of that. He spent his eleventh birthday in Beijing, a split celebration: half at the Happy Valley theme park, half an underwhelming and icy sojourn at the water park in The […]


Decision Time

Pavement stop sign by Steve Snodgrass on Flickr's Creative Commons.

Only months after Mongolia, the death drop is Zac’s second near-death experience within a year. I am crystal-clear when I wake up in the morning – yes, even before coffee! – that Ethiopia and Sudan are now firmly off the cards. We have used up our luck for the year, and there’s none left for […]


When Travelling Kids Hit Their Teens

Zac and friend looking quite grownup on a quadbike.

I’d heard that something happened to travelling kids when they hit their teens – that they became averse to longterm travel, unwilling to make new friends and desirous of (eek!) settling down. It happened to the Vogel family, who cycled from Alaska to Argentina. It appears to be happening now to my online friend Talon […]


One Night in Paris…

Gorgeous Montmartre panorama thingy by Alexandre Duret-Lutz.

Zac stops at the door of Peck, Milan, in a state of panic, brandishing his iPhone. “We can’t go in there! Everyone says they’re really rude, and will throw you out if you look like a tourist.” Peck, for those of you who aren’t obsessed with Italian food, is a little like a Milanese version […]


Art and Alchemy in Florence

In Florence, Zac meets Clet, the artist.

It would be remiss to visit Florence without: a) eating a steak as big as your head b) doing the art thang, c) crossing the Ponte Vecchio and d) (if one of you has a thing for mozzarella and you aren’t headed to mozzarella country) visiting the Obikà mozzarella bar for a tasting. Since Zac’s […]


We Learn to Make Pasta in Bologna

Learning to Make Pasta

“My great-grandfather bought this farm just before the Second World War,” Federica explains. “He was an industrialist, importing vegetables from Egypt, and he could see that the family would need a place outside the city.” Her farm, Podere San Giuliano, is no longer a farm. It’s a restaurant and agriturismo, a hybrid farm and tourism […]