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21 Things to Know Before Moving to Bali

Kite flying over Seminyak Beach, Bali

Moving to Bali is easy enough. Making expat life work is harder. Here’s a few things you really should know before you move to Bali. 1: “How Much Does It Cost to Live in Bali?” Well, That Depends. The million dollar question for anyone moving to Bali is: “How much does it cost to live […]


Why Every Parent Who Dives Should Do a Rescue Course

Zac hanging off the descent line by his knees.

It’s easy to over-hype any form of diver training, particularly the ones that PADI provides – CMAS covers several of the skills PADI teaches in its Rescue Course during its Open Water (1*) course, and all of them during its Advanced Open Water (2*) course. Still, assuming that, like most of the world, you learned […]


A Few Things You Might Not Know About Car Hire in Italy


There Are Both Speed Limits and Speed Cameras in Italy Hard as it may to be imagine, as you cruise down the autostrada at 180kph (110mph) while someone whizzes past you in the fast lane, Italy does, in fact, have both speed limits and speed cameras. The maximum speed on an autostrada is 130kph (80mph): […]


The Cheapest Place to Stay in Italy? (And Some Other Ways to Do Venice on a Budget)


When it comes to Venice, if you don’t have a spare kidney to sell or, at least a spare infant to people-traffic, you’re unlikely to be staying in Venice proper, especially not during the August high season. So, given our agenda for Venice included a trip to Harry’s Bar, regional wines, gallons of Spritz and […]


Long Term Family Travel FAQs


There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of families out there around the world who are doing, or have done, long term travel – some for over a decade, others for a few months or a year before returning to “real” life. And they come in all shapes and sizes. This family are doing […]


How to Find Accommodation in China – in Association with Wimdu

Accommodation in China: view of YHA hostel in Xian.

Over the months we’ve spent in China so far, I’ve had more experience than I’d like in finding different types of accommodation, from short term to long term. And I’m pleased to say that Wimdu, who provided our lovely flat in Istanbul, are helping me bring you this overview of how to find accommodation in […]


So How Can I Earn Enough Money to Travel the World?

How do I earn enough money to travel the world? Dahab sunset.

Along with “What do you do about school?” probably the second most common question I get asked about our lives is “How do you earn enough money to travel?” I hate the term “location independent”, but that’s one way of describing what we are, because I can work and earn from most places in the […]


Everest Base Camp Trek – FAQ

Everest Base Camp trek - Nuptse and Everest, seen from Kala Patthar.

*This post was last updated in February 2015* How Much Does the Everest Base Camp Trek Cost? The Everest Base Camp trek can cost $400-$450 for shoestringers who walk in from Jiri, then straight in and straight out to Everest Base Camp, unguided, over 24 days or so when the weather is warm, or as […]


How Much Does the Everest Base Camp Trek Cost?

How much does the Everest Base Camp Trek cost

The Everest Base Camp trek can cost $400-$450 for shoestringers who walk in from Jiri, then straight in and straight out to Everest Base Camp, unguided, over 24 days or so. People who book luxury treks overseas over routes such as the Three Passes often pay ten times that, and sometimes twenty times, for a […]


What Gear Do I Need for the Everest Base Camp Trek (and Why)?

This list is based on folk doing the Everest Base Camp trek in November-December and March-April, who will be crossing high passes or climbing Kala Patthar. At other times of year, add or reduce layers, and in the monsoon (mid-May to August) put a focus on waterproofs. It is possible to do laundry in Namche, […]