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Farewell to Kathmandu

Plane wing flying over the Himalayas.

Having neglected most other parenting duties over the last few days, I figure that today would be a good day to continue Zac’s ongoing masterclass in how to navigate airports. The internet seems to think our flight is two hours late, but I figure it’s a good idea to get to the airport on time […]



Crashed van on Durbar Marg, Kathmandu.

This post is, umm, “not suitable for work”. Here’s a nice one, about Istanbul’s Animal and Flower Market, while this one from our Lebanon roadtrip features an absolutely classic lady driver moment and this has some lovely pictures of poor old Kathmandu. There isn’t a bar at the Gurkhas’ hotel. Well, there is a bar, […]


Lulu from UK

Dangling bottles at Der Raum in Melbourne.

This post is, umm, really not family-friendly. If you have a sensitive disposition, why not try this post on hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, this one on Hezbollahland in Lebanon or these pictures of Petra. It’s not until I’ve physically collected and checked our China visas that, after a total of four days at the […]


A Load-Shedding Mystery

Lines of shoes in a shoe cupboard.

After three solid days of bureaucracy, with at least two more to come, a woman’s fancy lightly turns to facials. Well, mine does, anyway. Even during a rolling blackout. So I abandon my spawn and head out into the weird semi-illuminated, post-apocalyptic maelstrom that is Thamel during load-sheddding in an attempt to further mitigate the […]


In Glorious, Technicolor Drunkovision

Blurry sideways shot of moi in my kneeboots.

The ringing of my phone jerks me into wakefulness in a room that is streaming with light. A cursory scan of what passes for my consciousness reveals that I am still EXTREMELY drunk, ergo do not yet have a headache, but have done something absolutely bloody terrible that will emerge from the fog in unsightly […]


The One Where I Try to Outdrink the Special Forces

Flaming shot by Machadox.

As the title might suggest, this post is really not for readers of a sensitive disposition. Why not try some lovely pictures of beautiful central Laos, the droll tale of how I got my Indonesian driving license, or, of course, the one where I try to navigate Ancient Egypt using only Tripadvisor? Mr Darcy, it […]


Important Projects in Kathmandu

Kathmandu Shopping

Among my social circle, I am famous for my financial providence, frugality and forward planning, so it will surprise absolutely no one that, when we arrive in Kathmandu, the $700 worth of unspent helicopter fare so kindly spotted me by the White Knight is almost literally burning a hole in my wallet. Well, it would […]


Escape from Lukla!

Escape From Lukla

The airline “office”, a hole-in-the-wall affair on the cobbled thoroughfare littered with yakalo and mule dung that is Lukla’s answer to Oxford Street, “opens” at 2.30. So many of the rich panoply of nations that adorn Lukla when flights are backed up are loitering outside it. “First time here?” asks a South African chick in […]


The Morning After

Clouds in the Himalayas.

“You realise – or you would do if you hadn’t stayed out till 4am getting sozzed,” says Zac over breakfast. “That if we don’t get out of Lukla today or tomorrow, we’ll be spending the End of the World in Lukla.” Oh Jesus, I think. He’s right. Of all the places to spend the Mayan […]


Mountain Madness

PInk flying pig with Love Me written underneath it.

Readers of a sensitive disposition might want to skip this post. How about reading the first post I ever wrote instead, or this lovely one about a tribal wedding in the jungles of Halmahera, Indonesia? As I wander Lukla’s limited range of shops, purchasing menopausal fantasy items such as the balloons that Tenzing has been […]