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Postcards From… The Mani

Mani Seascape designed as a postcard.

We all need some light entertainment on a Monday. So every Monday I’m going to be sending some postcards from the edge. Or, in this case, the Mani, Greece, where we’ve spent most of the last month. We’ve admired the view… Walked down a gorge… Swum in the Aegean… Gawped at autumn wildflowers… Visited Mystras, […]


And This Is No Way To Recuperate…

Elgin Marbles

It’s a cliché to say “My heart bleeds…” but there’s a sharp heart pain as we wheel Zac up to the ward, still teary eyed. The porter physically lifts him from his gurney and deposits him into his bed. I’ve never had surgery, let alone had surgery while travelling, so I have no idea what […]


Another Day, Another Hospital

Surgery in Greece

Zac wakes without a fuss at 4.45am for our next attempt at surgery, in a week that is rapidly falling apart. This is the last time he’s going to have with his grandparents for a while, and we had thought today would be a day of quiet recuperation after an easy 15-minute op. Instead, he […]


More Adventures in the Greek Health Service

More Adventures in the Greek Health Service

We awake predawn on the day of Zac’s surgery, for the trip to the regional hospital. By 8am Zac has a new piece of paper, a new yellow slip and we are on the Embarrassing Medical Ward awaiting a bed. And waiting. And waiting. I grab the Embarrassing Medical Specialist to confirm something about the […]


Adventures in the Greek Health Service

Zac in a Greek hospital bed.

Zac has mentioned to me on a couple of occasions that he thinks he has an embarrassing childhood ailment. To which I have typically responded, “You can’t do! Doctors have checked you for that at every single checkup since you were born.” Anywise, on arrival in Greece, and in the bosom of our family – […]