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Beat the Fear and Do It Anyway

An airship in the air, reading "fly with me".

Do you enjoy flying, or do you fear it? Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle? Wherever you are on the scale, it’s quite likely that you’ll need to board a plane and take to the skies – yes, even after MH17 and MH370. Part of the stress of flying often comes down to not […]


Why You Should Read Your Travel Insurance Policy


Travel insurance is key to any journey – my son’s broken arm in Mongolia led to evac by helicopter and air ambulance at a cost to our insurers of over $100,000. But it’s also critical that your travel insurance covers what you need it to cover. And that’s not necessarily as much as you think. […]


Is This The End of the Irish Pub?

Abandoned Irish pub in Dublin.

It used to be that North American travellers heading to Ireland for a two week visit had a couple of things in common. First, many of them were of Irish descent, travelling to the mother country to discover more about themselves. Second, many of them chose Ireland because of its reputation as a great place […]


Visiting Dubrovnik with Kids

Panoramic view of Dubrovnik, looking towards the coast.

The snapshot image of Dubrovnik is one of adult sophistication: gently supped wine as the orange sun sinks below the horizon, a contemplative figure poring over a musty tome, or a couple dining on squid ink tagliatelle in a high-end restaurant. It’s rare to find a travel guide that makes mention of a Dubrovnik experience […]


Doggy Hotels

A poodle decked out in Avatar hues.

Dogs aren’t the easiest travel companions. Sure, they can travel happily enough – not everyone has to go the full Mitt Romney and bundle their canine companion onto the roof rack for 12 hours of diarrhoea hell. But not every hotel, resort, or even cottage is as welcoming to animals as they are to people. […]


In Which I Consider Rejoining the 21st Century

Latitude Tablet by Intel in Deutschland on Flickr's Creative Commons.

Once you’ve had a smartphone, sadly, you can never look back. I recently upgraded from my trusty Nokia – near endless battery life, functionality limited to Snake and a flashlight, $15 from a store upriver in rural Borneo – to… … Well, to the cheapest Android smartphone I could find in Malaysia. £40, it cost […]


Messing About In Boats


Some of the earliest package holidays were cruises. Yes, even before Jerome K. Jerome put pen to paper to craft the immortal Three Men in a Boat, folk were taking boats down the Nile. And not any boats. Cook’s tourists, as they were called at the time, signed up for packaged Nile cruises organised by […]


Why London Is Cool for Kids

Tower Bridge, London.

I always think of London as a grown up kind of place. It’s a big, sprawling metropolis – everyone is in a hurry and no one really has time to be pleasant, or polite. That’s what it sometimes feels like, anyway. Try standing on the wrong side of the escalator in a tube station and […]


What to Expect From Your Turkey Vacation

Riding a horse along a Turkish beach - image courtesy of Jane M. on Flickr's Creative Commons.

The vibrant nation of Turkey is a great place to take an exciting holiday. Cheap Turkey holidays are simply perfect if you want to experience a unique fusion of fascinating cultures and dramatic scenery. Here are a few of the many things that Turkey has to offer visitors.   Antalya The holiday resort of Antalya is […]


Top 10 Things to Do in Beijing with Kids

Forbidden City Beijing

Headed to Beijing? The Chinese capital can be most excellent fun with kids at almost any time of year — though do avoid the main Chinese holidays. Herewith, ten of my favourite things to do in Beijing with kids. (And, no, the smog won’t kill them.) Skate on a Frozen Lake There’s nothing quite like […]