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Discover Mallorca

Palma Cathedral, Mallorca.

Mallorca’s idyllic climate, beaches and landscapes have been attracting travellers for centuries. As fashions changed, Mallorca adjusted and welcomed them all, from the original beatniks looking to escape the materialism of northern Europe to the families craving home comforts and the ravers hoping for hedonistic nightlife. These days Mallorca has reasserted its own identity as […]


Get EXTREME Around the UK

A rather splendid US army tractor-tank.

You plummet from a flying plane with only your wits and a parachute to aid you. The wind rustles violently through your hair and you feel a petit mort with every adrenaline burst coursing through your veins and, after what seems like a lifetime of falling, you open your parachute and feel your plummet change […]


Got the Winter Blues? Now’s the Time to Travel.


As the long cold winter rears its head, don’t you long for somewhere different? Some palm trees lilting over a sun kissed beach, perhaps? Or how about a gothic city decked with intricate cathedrals and grand statues? Or maybe a prime party destination with banging dubstep beats? Throwing a dart at a map and hopping […]


What Happened to Young People’s Sense of Adventure?

Contiki coach in London.

Over dinner last summer, my folks (seventh decade), moi (then still in my fourth decade) and a couple of whipper-snappers who’d just entered their third were engaging in the age-old game of, well, let’s say, “debating travel styles”. Zac and I had just returned from Italy, a place not generally considered a challenging travel destination, […]


Top Ten Anti-Travel Tips

Giant's Causeway by Santiago Atienza.

The Dead Sea Stings I love the Dead Sea as much as the next gal. Yet water that’s chemical enough to make you hyper-buoyant does pack quite the punch. Disastrous for anyone with sensitive skin, a splash in the eyes hurts like teargas – and people who inhale water in near-drowning incidents often die. The […]


What’s the Best Type of Honeymoon for Serious Travelers?


If there’s one thing that serious travelers have in common, it’s that they love really digging into their vacations and extracting every potential ounce of pleasure from them. Surely you know someone who’s spent his summer vacation doing medical work somewhere in West Africa or working on an archaeological dig in Crete. What happens when […]


Eating Out in Abu Dhabi


Those looking for a calmer pace of life in the United Arab Emirates than that found in Dubai, head to Abu Dhabi. This is the largest emirate with just the right level of contemporary sophistication against the desert sands. From affordable local fare to acclaimed international cuisine, eating out in Abu Dhabi is an essential […]


Attack of the Killer iPhones

What the iPhone Killed

The shine may have come off the late, great Steve Jobs’ iEmpire lately, what with the bendy phone and all, yet it’s amazing to think of all the humble technologies he’s consigned to the media museum of history. From the PDA to the webcam, from the hand-held graphics consoles to the old-school mobile phone with […]


Travelling Through Australia on a Budget

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House by night.

Australia is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. From the mysterious pink waters of Lake Hillier to the vistas and overlooks of the Great Ocean Road, this country has tonnes of natural beauty. Visiting “Down Under” can also be very pricey. Luckily there are many parts of Australia that are enjoyable as […]


Prague, Czech Republic

View of Prague with the Charles Bridge.

Prague is a city that is steeped in remarkable history, fierce tradition and enviable art and culture. It has also been acclaimed as one of the world’s most beautiful cities. With the River Vltava streaming its reflective waters through the midst of stunningly diverse architecture, it is not difficult to see why the Czech capital […]