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Eating Out in Abu Dhabi


Those looking for a calmer pace of life in the United Arab Emirates than that found in Dubai, head to Abu Dhabi. This is the largest emirate with just the right level of contemporary sophistication against the desert sands. From affordable local fare to acclaimed international cuisine, eating out in Abu Dhabi is an essential […]


Attack of the Killer iPhones

What the iPhone Killed

The shine may have come off the late, great Steve Jobs’ iEmpire lately, what with the bendy phone and all, yet it’s amazing to think of all the humble technologies he’s consigned to the media museum of history. From the PDA to the webcam, from the hand-held graphics consoles to the old-school mobile phone with […]


Travelling Through Australia on a Budget

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House by night.

Australia is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. From the mysterious pink waters of Lake Hillier to the vistas and overlooks of the Great Ocean Road, this country has tonnes of natural beauty. Visiting “Down Under” can also be very pricey. Luckily there are many parts of Australia that are enjoyable as […]


Prague, Czech Republic

View of Prague with the Charles Bridge.

Prague is a city that is steeped in remarkable history, fierce tradition and enviable art and culture. It has also been acclaimed as one of the world’s most beautiful cities. With the River Vltava streaming its reflective waters through the midst of stunningly diverse architecture, it is not difficult to see why the Czech capital […]


Why an Apartment in London Makes Sense

Ilse Crawford's London loft.

When we last went back to our home town, London, the natural choice was to stay in an apartment, not a hotel. Why? Well, while I love staying in hotels in beach towns, and hotels make sense if you’re going to be covering a lot of ground, if you’re staying in a city for a […]


On the Art Trail in Barcelona

Mae West room at Dali Museum, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

If there’s one thing anyone knows about Barcelona – well, apart from tapas and Cava – it’s Gaudi. And no trip to Barcelona would be complete without checking out at least one of his crazy, quasi-organic buildings, most likely La Sagrada Familia, the celebrated cathedral that was started in 1882 and is still at least […]


Beat the Fear and Do It Anyway

An airship in the air, reading "fly with me".

Do you enjoy flying, or do you fear it? Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle? Wherever you are on the scale, it’s quite likely that you’ll need to board a plane and take to the skies – yes, even after MH17 and MH370. Part of the stress of flying often comes down to not […]


Why You Should Read Your Travel Insurance Policy


Travel insurance is key to any journey – my son’s broken arm in Mongolia led to evac by helicopter and air ambulance at a cost to our insurers of over $100,000. But it’s also critical that your travel insurance covers what you need it to cover. And that’s not necessarily as much as you think. […]


Is This The End of the Irish Pub?

Abandoned Irish pub in Dublin.

It used to be that North American travellers heading to Ireland for a two week visit had a couple of things in common. First, many of them were of Irish descent, travelling to the mother country to discover more about themselves. Second, many of them chose Ireland because of its reputation as a great place […]


Visiting Dubrovnik with Kids

Panoramic view of Dubrovnik, looking towards the coast.

The snapshot image of Dubrovnik is one of adult sophistication: gently supped wine as the orange sun sinks below the horizon, a contemplative figure poring over a musty tome, or a couple dining on squid ink tagliatelle in a high-end restaurant. It’s rare to find a travel guide that makes mention of a Dubrovnik experience […]