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Gifts for a Destination Honeymoon

Sunset at a private dining cabana in the Oberoi Mauritius.

The etiquette around destination weddings is complicated. In many parts of the world, it’s assumed that, by the time you’ve bought tickets and hotel rooms for a week in the sun, plus a beach-friendly wedding outfit (not really a wardrobe staple in the UK), your presence is gift enough. But that’s not always the case. […]


Why You Really Must Visit the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China at the Ruined Wall at Badaling.

Ever dreamed of seeing the Great Wall of China? Today it’s easier than ever. The 72-hour Beijing visa-free entry rule means that if you’re transiting through the city you get 72 whole hours (NOT three days) without having to go through the whole hideous Chinese visa application rigmarole. Or you can choose from one of […]


Taking It Easy in Costa Rica

Violet sabrewing hummingbird feeding in Costa Rica.

Travelling longterm as a family is very different from typical vacation travel. With longterm travel, you can wing it – book a flight, pack a guidebook and see what you want to do. When your trip is delimited by the twin demands of school holidays and work, you typically have to be that much more […]


They Do Things Differently in Amsterdam


One thing a relaxed drug policy does? It reduces harm from drugs. And, of course, it changes how people use drugs. Counter-intuitively, it actually tends to cut drug use. Take Amsterdam’s famous coffee shops. You won’t see many Amsterdamers there – any more than you’ll find them in the red light district. Drugs are, simply, […]


Bridgetown: The Heart of Barbados

The promenade at Bridgetown, Barbados.

It doesn’t take much to convince one that Barbados is beautifully brilliant. Everybody knows that the Caribbean island is a place seen in many a dream, with watercolour beaches, an intimate atmosphere and a chilled-out pace of life. Beyond the postcard-perfect Caribbean landscape, world-famous rums and searing rays, Bridgetown is the island’s cultural capital city. […]


Discover Mallorca

Palma Cathedral, Mallorca.

Mallorca’s idyllic climate, beaches and landscapes have been attracting travellers for centuries. As fashions changed, Mallorca adjusted and welcomed them all, from the original beatniks looking to escape the materialism of northern Europe to the families craving home comforts and the ravers hoping for hedonistic nightlife. These days Mallorca has reasserted its own identity as […]


How Vegas Celebrates the Festive Season

Christmas tree at the Bellagio, Las Vegas, by Scott Ellis.

When it comes to Christmas, it is hard to find anywhere that gets as fully engrossed in the yuletide spirit as Las Vegas. The Bright Lights City is famed for its extravagant nature and entertainment industry, so it’s no surprise that they truly push the boat out during the holidays. Christmas in Vegas officially starts […]


Get EXTREME Around the UK

A rather splendid US army tractor-tank.

You plummet from a flying plane with only your wits and a parachute to aid you. The wind rustles violently through your hair and you feel a petit mort with every adrenaline burst coursing through your veins and, after what seems like a lifetime of falling, you open your parachute and feel your plummet change […]


Got the Winter Blues? Now’s the Time to Travel.


As the long cold winter rears its head, don’t you long for somewhere different? Some palm trees lilting over a sun kissed beach, perhaps? Or how about a gothic city decked with intricate cathedrals and grand statues? Or maybe a prime party destination with banging dubstep beats? Throwing a dart at a map and hopping […]


What Happened to Young People’s Sense of Adventure?

Contiki coach in London.

Over dinner last summer, my folks (seventh decade), moi (then still in my fourth decade) and a couple of whipper-snappers who’d just entered their third were engaging in the age-old game of, well, let’s say, “debating travel styles”. Zac and I had just returned from Italy, a place not generally considered a challenging travel destination, […]