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In September 2012 I rebranded Travels with a Nine Year Old to this prettier and more futureproof site, EscapeArtistes.

One of the world’s most popular travel blogs to include children that aren’t cute orphans or annoying street sellers, EscapeArtistes is the most popular single parent travel blog out there, and routinely ranks in the top 50 indie travel blogs worldwide.

I speak to educated, intelligent, active travellers with a strong sense of adventure. My US demographics demonstrates a disproportionately wealthy and highly educated audience, aged 25-44, both male and female: 25% of my US audience earns more than $100,000 per year.

I have over 1000 highly-engaged RSS subscribers, who read more than 10,000 pages a month, plus more than 15,000 unique visitors monthly, who generate a further 40,0000 page views.

On social media, I have over 1600 engaged Facebook fans, around 3000 Twitter followers and over 1000 followers on Google+. EscapeArtistes currently has a Page Rank of 5, an Alexa rating of around 150k and a Domain Authority of 41.


For a current rate card, which includes rates for the other two sites in my network, or if you have a specific proposal to discuss, or if you’re looking for custom solutions, please email me.


Z and I enjoy working with selected PR partners who share our sense of adventure. We are interested in adventure travel, authentic cultural experiences and the odd bit of urban fun in fab hotels that serve Negronis. You can contact me on theodorasutcliffe AT gmail DOT com.


I write for national and international media, online and offline, as well as for commercial blogs. If you’re interested in hiring me as a writer, please email me.


  1. jamie says:

    hehe would love to work with you guys, any of my posts good enough for you ?

  2. Hello Theodora,
    Found your blog when I randomly entered ‘Bali craft classes. Under “Siversmithing” you mention Ayu {my girlfriend} as offering classes at her home in Belega. Well, times have changed (see the website) and I wanted you to know that Ayu’s NEW gallery in Lodtunduh [5 minutes South of Ubud] offers 11 classes now. Ayu began her new venture just last year and we’ve been busy but still want to grow. We have online representation in Japan and S.E. Asia starting this month. Please visit us when you return to Bali and say hello. If you could mention Ayu’s new gallery and website that would be grand! Her phones are:3619245833 and 82146895330.

    • Theodora says:

      Tell Ayu congratulations from me! Zac came to her a couple of years ago and made two friendship rings with her, so it’s great to hear that she’s started her own business on a larger scale. I’ve updated the post to include your link, and maybe I’ll stop by next time we’re in Bali (not for a year or so)….

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