Three Instagram-Worthy Spots in Melbourne

Melbourne – home to cobbled laneways, exquisite coffee, incredible art, fine dining, and all things bright and beautiful. This exciting mix of art, culture, dining, style, and sport is a popular travel destination for people across the globe, and the photos alone will tell you why. From technicoloured stained glass to cerulean waters, from swanky bars to cool eateries, you’ll never run out of picture-perfect spots in Melbourne. So arm yourself with a gaggle of friends and your smartphone and share your adventures with the world.

Not sure where to start in Melb? Here are three of the prettiest, most Instagram-worthy spots around the city.

National Gallery of Victoria

If you’ve ever been to ancient cathedrals, you know how beautiful stained glass windows can be. The stained glass ceiling in the National Gallery of Victoria gets the sun for longer periods than a vertical window, so you have practically the whole day to compose your shot. Try and photograph it in fish-eye to capture more of the reds, blues, and purples in this stunning design by the late and legendary Melbourne artist Vale Leonard French.

While this is definitely a must for a photo-op, remember the entire gallery is photogenic, particularly special exhibitions. Like this one, perhaps, on contemporary chairs…

St. Kilda

Who can forget the most Instagrammed location in all of Melbourne and even Victoria in 2016? From the actual beach, its pier, its feathered visitors, and even the streets around, you’ll find stunning nooks and crannies all over St. Kilda. Head to the adorable cake shops, al fresco eateries, and world-class restaurants, perfect to share with #visitstkilda #stkildabeach #foodporn. Before you leave, make sure to take a photo or a selfie at the St Kilda Pier. Down the middle, up top, and even from the side, given the right framing and ample natural light you’ll get iconic shots.

Royal Botanical Gardens

With rare plants, vibrant flowers, breathtaking landscapes and iconic buildings, how could anyone not want to snap the Royal Botanical Gardens? This lush garden is a centre of excellence for not only horticulture but also education and science. Imagine a sea of green within an industrial setting. It’s the perfect place to take photos of wild flowers, lush shrubbery and manicured lawns. Whether you want to take a holiday selfie, show your mad photography skills through nature shots, or even capture pre-nup photos for invitations, the Royal Botanical Gardens is definitely a photogenic place to be.

If you want to go to the Instagram-worthy places mentioned, there are a few things you can save on. Make sure that you eat fancy during the lunch service instead of dinner, explore the markets before going to big centres for souvenirs, and rent a cheap Melbourne car hire so you can go in and around the city for less and at your own pace. This way, you get flexibility and comfort without spending a large chunk of your holiday budget. Happy Travels!