What’s the Best Travel Insurance for Indonesia?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: if you’re travelling somewhere you need to pay for medical care, you need travel insurance. (This is why. )

And in Indonesia you need travel insurance. If you’re in an accident, Indonesian hospitals won’t start treatment without a guarantee of payment from an insurer or a substantial down payment. Intensive care costs can run to tens of thousands of dollars. Even something pretty routine for Indonesia like a minor bout of dengue can run you the price of a holiday.

Then there’s medical evacuation. If you get sick or injured on a remote island or in some highland backwater you may need to be evacuated to Bali for treatment. If Bali can’t fix it – and there are many things that Bali can’t fix – you’ll need to be evacuated home or to Singapore. Private medical jets do not come cheap, and you do not want to be stuck in an Indonesian hospital with head or spinal injuries.

In my experience, the best travel insurance for most people travelling Indonesia is World Nomads. They are rubbish at covering possessions – most of us could buy a new laptop for the price of insuring one for a year – but they’re still best in class for adventure travel: here’s why.

Indonesia is home to some of the world's most beautiful islands but you really don't want to get sick on them.

Most Nationalities Get Great Medical and Evac Cover

Australian nationals get AUD $5,000,000 worth of medical and evac cover – and, yes, you might need that level. Brits get £5,000,000 or £10,000,000; Canadians get CAD $5,000,000 or $10,000,000. Residents of most countries, including Germany, Russia, France and Italy, get either €3,500,000 or unlimited medical cover depending on the option. Americans are rather short-changed with just USD $500,000 in total cover, although that’s still more than some other insurers. Do check the Ts & Cs before you buy.

World Nomads Covers Diving

One of the great joys of travelling Indonesia is diving the stunning coral reefs that fringe its 17,000-or-so islands. World Nomads insures most nationalities for both “fun dives” – where you go out with an instructor and no training on a shallow Discover Scuba Dive – and qualified dives to 30 metres at no extra cost. If you want to go to 40 metres, you’ll generally need to upgrade to an adventure package. If you want to go deeper or dive professionally you’ll need Divers Alert Network, which has packages with no depth limits.

World Nomads Covers Surfing

Indonesia is a worldwide destination for surfing, an activity that, even on the most benign beginner’s break, carries some risk. Surprisingly, not all travel insurers include surfing cover: for most nationalities, World Nomads features this on its standard list of activities. To check the list of what’s covered and see what activities you’ll need to upgrade for, click here.

You Don’t Need a Return Ticket to Be Covered

World Nomads’ residency requirements are a lot more relaxed than most insurers, although you will need to be entitled to medical care and have an address in the country that you’ve put down as your place of residence. (More details here.) The company understands people who are doing longterm travel and operating on one-way tickets only, so a long journey doesn’t affect your cover: in fact, it’s cheaper to extend a trip than to buy new insurance. (Besides being the best travel insurance for Indonesia, World Nomads is fantastic for anyone doing longterm travel.)

It Doesn’t Matter How Long Ago You Left Home

Most travel insurance won’t cover you for trips longer than a year – occasionally 18 months – and require that you stay back home for a substantial period of time to reset the clock. (Quite a lot of insurers will only cover you for individual trips of under 30 days.) World Nomads, as the name suggests, is different. You can buy their insurance no matter how long you’ve been travelling and no matter where you are in the world, and they’ll cover you. That means you can buy your Indonesia travel insurance in Indonesia: just be sure you’re entitled to medical care and maintain an address in your home country. (See the details here.)

Please note that I’m a World Nomads affiliate. This means that if you buy insurance using the search box above or just after clicking through from this site I receive a small referral fee. This costs you nothing and helps me keep the site running.

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  1. Tawanna says:

    Travel Insurance should be easy but I’m quickly learning that it’s not. My husband didn’t use this company but he did use Allianz for a routine trip in the States. They were NOT a good fit. So much understanding gets lost in the T&Cs.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I never thought to check whether or not travel insurance covers diving. Good point.