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Our World School: An End of Year Report

elephant cuddle

For anyone planning longterm travel with kids, anyone who would like to travel and is delaying having kids to do so, or any parents who would love to travel but feel they can’t because of the kids, probably the single biggest concern is what sort of education a child will get on the road. This […]


My Love-Hate Relationship with Australia

pair of koalas at australia zoo

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT AUSTRALIA 1: The Landscapes After Namibia and Mongolia, Australia is the third least densely populated country in the world. And given almost everyone lives in cities and the nation has the money to build roads, it has the most easily accessible big, empty landscapes on this earth. The horizons are huge… […]


Solo in Sydney* or: Getting My Groove Back

Emerald Peacock

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a pulse will not be in want of attention in a cocktail bar. I have no idea how I’d forgotten this. But I had… Over the course of a “career” not so much chequered as positively gingham, but dominated by language and […]


The Barmy Army Explain the Rules of Cricket

barmy army flag of St. George, labelled Expat Andy, Convict Colony

Today in Adelaide saw the fifth and final day of the second English-Australian Test cricket match, to the outsider one of the most bewildering sporting events on the planet, after cheese-rolling, bog-snorkelling, synchronised skating and that thing that Afghans do with dead goats on horseback. I went down to the English end of the ground […]


Travel Photo: Umbrellas, Bo Sang, Thailand

Umbrellas Bo Sang

Bo Sang, a village outside Chiang Mai, is the umbrella-making capital of Thailand.


Seeing Stars in the Outback

The curving edges of Wilpena Pound, a gigantic geological depression.

Weather doesn’t get more biblical than droughts, floods and plagues of locusts. And that precise trifecta has hit the South Australian outback this summer. The great salt lakes, which sit dry for decades on end as brilliant mirrors of pinkish white, oscillate between aggressive blue and muted brown. The impossibly ancient mountains have turned from […]


Oof! We’re in Australia…

Sign in the Australian outback, indicating that roads to and from Mount Hopeless are closed.

Like a lot of Londoners, I’ve always taken a sort of lugubrious, self-hating pride in coming from one of the world’s most expensive cities (third in 2008, seventeenth this year). Prices, in fact, along with national sporting failures, weather — the UK is currently in the annual winter paralysis induced by the kind of snow […]